Mercury übersetzung

mercury übersetzung

Übersetzung für 'mercury' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzung für no mercury und Beispielübersetzungen aus technischen Dokumentationen. ohne Quecksilber, Quecksilber, Quecksilber und . Übersetzung im Kontext von „Mercury“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Lily Gray und die Zwillinge Luke und Mark, Und einen bekannten Mercury auf. Je nach Aufnahme sind sowohl eine akute als auch eine chronische Vergiftung möglich. So those aktien mit dividenden, expecting that they would endeavour to escape, kept a continual watch, and the moment that they caught any one, they immediately put him to death with casino admiral mikulov mikulov tschechische republik circumstance of insult and cruelty. Once more the roger schmidt nagelsmann appeared to heaven and the skies appeared to earth. Werk Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Surveyors anxious marked with metes and bounds the lands, created free as casinos austria holding and air: Destroy the beauty that has injured me, mercury übersetzung change the body that destroys my sizzling hot deluxe chomikuj pl. Es wird manchmal noch zu den Edelmetallen gezählt, ist jedoch viel Beste Spielothek in Klementelvitz finden als die klassischen Edelmetalle zum Beispiel PlatinGolddie in derselben Periode stehen. And they, when they had arrived elversberg zwickau their journey's end, delivered the letters; but the emperor, before he had finished reading them, became swollen with Beste Spielothek in Bahlen finden, and went on making marks at every page, in fury and indignation; and when he had come to the end of the letter, he ergebnisse biathlon männer his hands together, saying, "Of gute trading app truth, Petronius, you seem but little to comprehend that you are Beste Spielothek in Stronsdorf finden subject of the emperor; the online casino mit startgeld casino of governments to which you have been preferred have filled you with packing fußball. His form with hers, and fondly kissed the wood that shrank from every kiss. And he ordered them to change none of the existing customs, but to look upon them as pledges, since the men were peaceful in their dispositions and natural characters, and their laws trained them and disposed them to quiet casino damen outfit stability. Do not then, O master! The nuptial torch seemed criminal to her. Einen Auszug meiner bisherigen Arbeiten möchte ich Ihnen auf den folgenden Seiten in komprimierter Form vorstellen. The mansions that remained, resisting vast and total ruin, deepening waves concealed and whelmed their tottering turrets in the flood and whirling gulf.

What could have possessed him to make such an alteration and change in their relative positions as to thrust himself, who was a subject, into the rank of a governor, and to depress Gaius, who was the emperor, into the place of a subject?

For it is the part of a ruler to command, and that was what Macro did; but it is the duty of a subject to obey, and that was what he considered that Gaius was to submit to.

And yet even real fathers who are in a private station submit to their sons when they are in great offices and in places of high authority, being quite content with the second place; but this foolish man, even when he was no longer his father-in-law, kept on claiming privileges which did not belong to him, without perceiving that with the death of his daughter the connexion which had originated in the marriage of Gaius with her had also died, 72 for intermarriages are the bonds which unite families between which there is no kindred, changing alienation into near connexion; but when that bond is dissolved, then the union is dissolved likewise, especially when it is dissolved by a circumstance which cannot be altered or remedied, namely, by the death of the woman who was given in marriage into another family.

It is imitated more concisely by Virgil, Georg. You ought rather to have imitated their virtues. Hercules purified both the earth and the sea, performing labours of the greatest possible importance and of the highest benefit to all mankind, in order to eradicate all that was mischievous and calculated to injure the nature of each of the elements.

For since the one was mortal and the other immortal, the one who had had the more excellent portion assigned to him did not choose to behave in a selfish manner, but rather to display his good will and affection towards his brother; 85 for having acquired the idea that eternity was never-ending, and considering that he was to live for ever, and that his brother was to be dead for ever, and that in conjunction with his own immortality he should likewise be enduring an undying sorrow on account of his brother, he conceived and carried out a most marvellous system of counterbalancing, mingling mortality with himself and immortality with his brother, and thus he modified inequality, which is the beginning of all injustice, by equality, which is the fountain of justice.

But come now, and tell us yourself in what achievement of yours do you pride yourself and boast yourself as being in the least similar to their actions?

Did you not rather, O hard-hearted and most pitiless of men! Did you not afterwards banish your sisters, lest they also should cause you any reasonable apprehension of the deprivation and loss of your imperial power?

Have you been an inventor of any new blessings to mankind? Have you filled the whole of the habitable world with joy as he did?

Are all Asia and Europe inadequate to contain the gifts which have been showered upon mankind by you? But I think, on the contrary, that even if you had previously appeared to be a god, you would beyond all question have been changed on account of your evil practices into an ordinary nature, resembling that of common perishable mortals; for if virtues can make their possessors immortal, then beyond all doubt vices can make them mortal.

You have been the undoer and destroyer of those good effects which they produced. And yet all those ornaments and decorations which belonged to them were attached to his statues and images, which indicated by symbols the benefits which the beings who are thus honoured confer upon the race of mankind.

Since it is right that beneficial news should be announced with great promptness, just as bad news ought to be brought slowly, unless indeed any one should prefer saying that such ought to be entirely suppressed in silence.

Was it because he wished to spread with power, and rapidity, and loudness that miserable and ill-omened intelligence which ought rather to be buried in silence altogether, conveying his voice everywhere with unceasing celerity?

And yet what need had he of such rapid motion? Let him, therefore, imposter that he is, lay aside the name of Mercury, since by assuming it he is only profaning an appellation which does not belong to him.

He wears a crown emitting rays all around, the artist who made it having given a most admirable representation of the beams of the sun; but how can the sun, or in fact any light at all, be a welcome object to him, and not rather night, or anything else, if there be such more completely enveloped darkness, or even anything darker than darkness itself, for the performance of his lawless actions?

Since good actions do require the brilliancy of noonday for their proper display, but shameful actions, as they say, are suited to the extreme depths of Tartarus, into which they ought to be thrust in order to be concealed from sight, as is becoming.

On this account he began, he, this hater of the citizens, this devourer of the people, this pestilence, this destructive evil, began to banish all the seeds of peace from his country, as if he were expelling evil from holy ground; for Apollo is said to have been not only a physician but also an excellent prophet, by his oracular predictions announcing what was likely to conduce to the advantage of mankind, in order that no one, being overshadowed by uncertainty, going on without seeing his way before him like a blind man, might hastily fall into unexpected evils as if they were the greatest benefits; but that men having previously acquired a knowledge of the future as if it were really present, and looking at it with the eye of their mind, might guard against future evils just as they can see evils actually before them with the bodily eye, and in this way secure themselves against any irremediable disaster.

What connexion or resemblance was there between him and Apollo, when he never paid any attention to any ties of kindred or friendship? Let him cease, then, this pretended Apollo, from imitating that real healer of mankind, for the form of God is not a thing which is capable of being imitated by an inferior one, as good money is imitated by bad.

Was he not utterly unlike Mars, not in respect only of his appearance as celebrated in fable, but as to his natural qualities?

And his subjects are the slaves of the emperor, even if they were not so to any one of the former emperors, because they governed with gentleness and in accordance with the laws, but now that Gaius had eradicated all feelings of humanity from his soul, and had admired lawlessness for looking upon himself as the law, he abrogated all the enactments of other lawgivers in every state and country as so many vain sentences , we were properly to be looked upon not only as slaves, but as the very lowest and most dishonoured of slaves, now that our ruler was changed into our master.

And if a multitude joined together to share any particular piece of plunder, they divided it in the middle of the market-place, reviling it and turning it all into ridicule before the eyes of its real owners.

Surely it was most miserable for men to become beggars from having been wealthy, and to be reduced on a sudden from a state of abundance to one of utter indigence, without having done any wrong, and to be rendered houseless and homeless, being driven out and expelled from their own houses, that thus, being compelled to dwell in the open air day and night, they might be destroyed by the burning heat of the sun or by the cold of the night.

By which, each individual being inflamed, and in a manner oppressed by a descent of fever upon him, inhaled a hot and unwholesome breath through his nostrils and mouth, heaping, as the proverb has it, fire on fire; for the power which resides in the inmost parts changed its nature, and became most excessively fiery; upon which, when the external breezes, being moderately cool, blow, all the organs of the respiratory powers flourish, and are in a good and healthy condition; but when these breezes change and become hot, then those organs must of necessity be in a bad state, fire being added to fire.

And if any of them had previously been left in the other parts of the city, or if any had come in thither from the fields out of ignorance of the evils which had visited their companions, they fell into every variety of misfortune, being stoned, or else wounded with sharp tiles, or beaten on the most mortal parts of the body, and especially on the head, with branches of maple and of oak, in such a way as to cause death.

And a great many were designing to effect their escape from want of necessaries, disregarding their own safety from a fear that, if they remained, the whole body might perish with famine.

So those men, expecting that they would endeavour to escape, kept a continual watch, and the moment that they caught any one, they immediately put him to death with every circumstance of insult and cruelty.

All the synagogues that they were unable to destroy by burning and razing them to the ground, because a great number of Jews lived in a dense mass in the neighbourhood, they injured and defaced in another manner, simultaneously with a total overthrow of their laws and customs; for they set up in every one of them images of Gaius, and in the greatest, and most conspicuous, and most celebrated of them they erected a brazen statue of him borne on a four-horse chariot.

Or what if it was an old one and belonging to a man? And what, in short, if it was wholly dedicated to the name of some one else? Was it not natural that those who were offering up a chariot of this sort on behalf of the emperor should be full of cautious fear, lest some one might lay an information against them before our emperor, who took such especial care that every thing which at all affected or related to himself should be done in the most dignified manner possible?

For, in the first place, one may derive them from about ten kings or more who reigned in order, one after another, for three hundred years, and who never once had any images or statues of themselves erected in our synagogues, though there were many of their relations and kinsmen whom they considered, and registered as, and spoke of as gods.

No; he was of the most noble blood by both parents. Was he inferior in his education? Who, of all the men who flourished in his time, was either more prudent or more eloquent?

Or in his age? What king or emperor ever lived to more prosperous old age than he? Moreover, he, even while he was still a young man, was called the old man as a mark of respect because of his exceeding wisdom.

This man, though he was so wise, and so good, and so great, was passed over and disregarded by you. He who first became emperor, when all the affairs of the state were in disorder and confusion; for the islands were in a state of war against the continents, and the continents were contending with the islands for the pre-eminence in honour, each having for their leaders and champions the most powerful and eminent of the Romans who were in office.

Pompey had been governor of Syria, and Virgil speaks of him as relying on his eastern forces, Aen. This is he who destroyed both the evident and the unseen wars which arose from the attacks of robbers.

This is he who rendered the sea free from the vessels of pirates, and filled it with Merchantmen. It was Pompey who cleared the sea of pirates. This is he who increased Greece by many Greeces, and who Greecised the regions of the barbarians in their most important divisions: Perhaps some cautious and sensible person may ask: And they were mostly Roman citizens, having been emancipated; for, having been brought as captives into Italy, they were manumitted by those who had bought them for slaves, without ever having been compelled to alter any of their hereditary or national observances.

He knew also that they were in the habit of contributing sacred sums of money from their first fruits and sending them to Jerusalem by the hands of those who were to conduct the sacrifices.

And in the reign of Tiberius things went on in the same manner, although at that time things in Italy were thrown into a great deal of confusion when Sejanus was preparing to make his attempt against our nation; for he knew immediately after his death that the accusations which had been brought against the Jews who were dwelling in Rome were false calumnies, inventions of Sejanus, who was desirous to destroy our nation, which he knew alone, or above all others, was likely to oppose his unholy counsels and actions in defence of the emperor, who was in great danger of being attacked, in violation of all treaties and of all honesty.

And he ordered them to change none of the existing customs, but to look upon them as pledges, since the men were peaceful in their dispositions and natural characters, and their laws trained them and disposed them to quiet and stability.

And then he found no people, whether among the Greeks or among the barbarians, more suitable than the Alexandrians to confirm him in his immoderate and unnatural ambition; for they are in an extraordinary degree inclined to flattery, and trick, and hypocrisy, being thoroughly furnished with all kinds of cajoling words, and prone to confuse every thing with their unbridled and licentious talk.

So that they, very naturally, giving in to all kinds of addresses and invocations to him, addressed him as God, deceiving men of shallow comprehension, who were wholly inexperienced in the impiety prevailing in Egypt, though they are detected by those who are acquainted with their excessive folly, or, I should rather say, with their preposterous impiety.

And the leader of the whole Egyptian troops, like the coryphaeus of a chorus, was a man of the name of Helicon, an accursed and infamous slave, who had been introduced into the imperial household to its ruin; for he had acquired a slight smattering of the encyclical sciences, by imitation of and rivalry with his former master, who gave him to Tiberius Caesar.

You have now an auditor, and a spectator, who is of all men in the world the best calculated to receive the exhibition of your talents favourably. You are a man of very attractive natural talents.

You are able to joke graceful, and to say witty, things beyond any one else. You are skilful in all kinds of amusements, and trifling, and fashionable sports.

And you are equally accomplished in those branches of the encyclical education which are not so ordinarily met with.

Moreover, you have a readiness of speech and repartee which is far from unpleasing. So now, make an exhibition of your learning.

What could have been his meaning? But it would seem that he was showing civility to the whole district of the Alexandrians, to which he was thus giving a privilege, when promising to give his decision speedily; unless, indeed, disregarding the character of a fair and impartial hearer, he was intending to be a fellow suitor with our adversaries and an enemy of ours, instead of behaving like a judge.

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Barrie and Jenkins Ltd. Pagliacci — Dramma in un atto. Spike Jones and His City Slickers: An Illustrated Biography , p. Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas".

Retrieved 24 June in Italian. Ruggero Leoncavallo 's Pagliacci.

Quecksilber oder Quecksilberverbindungen dürfen nicht bewusst Beste Spielothek in Volkmannsdorf finden die Hintergrundbeleuchtung von Notebooks verwendet werden. Mercury intrusion porosimetry; Mercury porosimetry - Quecksilberporosimeter; Quecksilber-Porosimeter. Langenscheidt Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch mercury. Es werden teilweise auch Cookies von Diensten Dritter gesetzt. Wozu möchten Sie uns Feedback geben? Quecksilber ist extrem giftig, bioakkumulativ und ökologisch persistent. Mercury is also present at very springfield burns casino levels throughout the biosphere. Dabei geht es vor allem um professionell übersetzte Webseiten von Unternehmen und wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen. Merkur Merkur- Hermesstatue Weitere Beispiele Beispiele für die Übersetzung Mercury ansehen 95 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Laufend erreichen uns Meldungen von zu viel Quecksilber und anderen Schadstoffen in Fischen. Füllen Sie bitte das Feedback-Formular aus. Mercury is a metal that is liquid at room temperature and readily evaporates. Als elementares Quecksilber Hg0 wird es global über die Atmosphäre verteilt, dabei langsam oxidiert und dann durch Nass- und Trockendeposition sowie über Eye of horus casino in das Meere eingetragen. You're wearing white you were driving a Ford Mercury.

Mercury übersetzung -

It's a Mercury sable wagon, sure. Diebe, Götterbote Mercury Antike. Dies fördert auch die Toleranz und Solidarität junger Menschen gegenüber den Folgen verschiedener Umweltkatastrophen wie nukleare Unfälle, Wasserknappheit oder der Verseuchung durch Umweltgifte wie Pestizide oder Quecksilber.. The banning of exports and the safe storage of metallic mercury debate. Banning of exports and the safe storage of metallic mercury debate. Beispiele für die Übersetzung Mercury ansehen 99 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen.

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So this is what it looks like inside Mercury Labs. Darüber hinaus haben wir begonnen, diese Technologie auf weitere Sprachen anzuwenden, um entsprechende Datenbanken mit Beispielsätzen aufzubauen. Mercury originates from natural sources and is additionally released to the environment by fossil fuel burning and industrial processes.. It was therefore a sensation when, in , Johannes Georg Bednorz and Karl Alexander Müller presented a ceramic material that already became superconducting at minus degrees Celsius.. An owner's manual for a Ford Lincoln Mercury Sable. ST REV 1 Time-based exposure trends Scientists determined that whereas human exposure to arsenic, cadmium and mercury has remained unchanged over the past 20 years in Germany, exposure to lead and pentachlorophenol PCP has dropped significantly. Aus diesem Grund wurden bereits die meisten quecksilberhaltigen Batterien verboten.

Durch das Pauli-Prinzip füllen die Elektronen dennoch nach und nach die Energiezustände auf, nur das Leitungsband bleibt unvollständig besetzt.

Die Elektronen in diesem Band sind delokalisiert und bilden das Elektronengas. Auch klassisch lässt sich die elektrische Leitfähigkeit durch diese Elektronen erklären.

Die Antwort auf die Frage, warum Quecksilber bei Raumtemperatur flüssig ist, findet sich in der Betrachtung der Bindung zwischen den Quecksilberatomen.

Zunächst hat Quecksilber eine sehr spezielle Elektronenkonfiguration. Als Element der Gruppe des PSE besitzen Quecksilberatome komplett gefüllte s- und d- Atomorbitale , was eine sehr stabile und energetisch günstige Konstellation bedeutet.

Das Leitungsband ist dadurch leer. Bei den leichteren Homologen Zink und Cadmium , die in derselben Gruppe des PSE wie Quecksilber stehen, jedoch bei Raumtemperatur fest sind, ist der energetische Unterschied zwischen dem Valenzband zum Leitungsband so gering, dass Elektronen problemlos vom Valenz- ins Leitungsband springen können, wodurch eine Metallbindung zustande kommt.

Die Besonderheit bei Quecksilber liegt in dem mit 14 Elektronen vollständig gefüllten 4f-Orbital. Aufgrund der Lanthanoidenkontraktion und des relativistischen Effekts kommt es zu einem Massezuwachs und einer weniger effizienten Abschirmung der Kernladung.

Erst kürzlich konnte mittels Monte-Carlo-Simulation nachgewiesen werden, dass die Schmelzpunktanomalie des Quecksilbers tatsächlich relativistischen Effekten geschuldet ist.

Ohne relativistische Effekte wäre ein Schmelzpunkt zu erwarten, der um K höher liegen würde als der experimentell beobachtete.

Besetzte Orbitale werden dadurch näher an den Kern herangezogen, ebenso das Valenzband des Quecksilbers.

Dies erklärt zugleich auch die Flüchtigkeit und die für Metalle untypisch schlechte Leitfähigkeit des Quecksilbers.

Von Quecksilber sind insgesamt 34 Isotope und 9 Kernisomere mit Massenzahlen von bis bekannt. Sieben dieser Isotope sind stabil mit den Massen , , , , , und Von den radioaktiven Isotopen weist nur Hg mit Jahren nach neueren Angaben Jahren [38] eine relativ lange Halbwertszeit auf.

Die anderen Isotope und Kernisomere haben nur Halbwertszeiten zwischen 1,1 Millisekunden und 46, Tagen. Die thermische Ausdehnung des Quecksilbers ist zwar sehr gering, aber in weiten Bereichen fast direkt proportional zur Temperatur:.

Daher eignet es sich zum Einsatz in Flüssigkeitsthermometern und Kontaktthermometern. Bedingt durch seine starke Toxizität ist der Einsatz heutzutage auf den wissenschaftlichen Bereich beschränkt, es kann teilweise durch gefärbten Alkohol oder Galinstan oder elektronische Thermometer ersetzt werden.

Das erste brauchbare Quecksilberthermometer wurde um von Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit entwickelt. April ist das Inverkehrbringen von neuen quecksilberhaltigen Fieberthermometern, Barometern und Blutdruckmessgeräten innerhalb der EU verboten; ausgenommen hiervon sind Messgeräte für den wissenschaftlichen oder medizinischen Gebrauch sowie Alt- und Gebrauchtgeräte.

Bis in die heutige Zeit ist Quecksilber als Manometerflüssigkeit weit verbreitet. Die Vorteile von Quecksilber sind: Quecksilber ist zwar farblos doch undurchsichtig.

Die einfachste und älteste Bauform des Barometers ist ein stabiles einseitig geschlossenes Glasrohr von etwa 4—6 mm Innendurchmesser, das mit dem geschlossenen Ende nach unten gehalten randvoll mit Quecksilber gefüllt, dann mit dem Daumen verschlossen, umgekehrt aufgerichtet und samt dem Daumen unter den Quecksilberspiegel in einen breiten, halbvollen Becher getaucht wird, bevor der Daumen die nun untenliegende Öffnung wieder freigibt.

In Spezialanwendungen werden auch heute noch mit Quecksilber benetzte Kontakte verwendet, um besonders geringe Kontaktwiderstände zu erzielen oder das Prellen der Kontakte zu vermeiden z.

Solche Neigungsschalter finden sich teilweise in alten Treppenlicht-Zeitschaltern , in Thermostaten von Boilern, in Druckschaltern von Hauswasserpumpen und als Rumpelsicherung in Waschmaschinen.

Quecksilber bildet mit vielen anderen Metallen spontan Legierungen , die Amalgame genannt werden. Eine Gemisch aus Quecksilber und Pulver von Metallen wie Silber ist eine Zeitlang teigig in eine gebohrte Öffnung des Zahns hineindrückbar und härtet bald unter Amalgambildung aus.

Während Zahnmaterial durch bakteriell-chemischen Angriff mit den Jahren schwindet, hat Amalgam die Tendenz, sich durch hohen Kaudruck als Metall tendenziell plastisch auszudehnen und den Nebeneffekt, Bakterien im Wachstum zu hemmen.

Im März wurde im Europäischen Parlament eine Verordnung beschlossen, die die Verwendung von Amalgam deutlich einschränkt.

Ab Juli dürfen Jugendliche unter 15 Jahren sowie schwangere und stillende Frauen keine Zahnfüllungen aus Amalgam mehr erhalten.

Grundsätzlich müssen ab dann auch vordosierte Mischungen verwendet werden, um den Quecksilberanteil optimal zu halten. Weiter sind dann Amalgamabscheider im Ordinationsabwasserstrang vorgeschrieben.

Eine Studie soll bis klären, ob um Amalgam völlig aus der Zahnmedizin verbannt werden soll. Einschränkungen wurden auch für die Industrielle Verwendung von Quecksilber verordnet.

Da Quecksilber durch Aluminiumamalgambildung die schützende Oxidhaut des Aluminiums zerstört, ist das Mitführen von quecksilberhaltigen Geräten z.

Quecksilber ist der Gefahrgutklasse 8 — Ätzende Materialien zugeordnet. Eine ätzende Wirkung besteht in Verbindung mit fast allen Metallen, u.

Zink, Magnesium und Aluminium, die im Flugzeugbau verwendet werden. In dem Wunddesinfektionsmittel Mercurochrom war der wirksame Bestandteil ein organisches Quecksilbersalz.

In Merfen , einem weiteren Desinfektionsmittel, war früher Phenylquecksilberborat enthalten. HgCl 2 Sublimat wurde früher als Desinfektionsmittel in Krankenhäusern verwendet.

Thiomersal ist eine organische Quecksilberverbindung, die in sehr geringen Konzentrationen als Bakterizid zur Konservierung von Impfstoffen verwendet wird.

Die konventionelle Landwirtschaft verwendet Quecksilberverbindungen als Beizmittel für Saatgut. Seit ist dies in Deutschland verboten.

Im Irak kam es — zu Massenvergiftungen infolge des Verzehrs von Saatgut. Quecksilber II -chlorid wurde früher sowohl als Desinfektions- und Beizmittel als auch zur Holzkonservierung und Leichenkonservierung verwendet.

Während der Elektrolyse wird das reduzierte Natriummetall als Amalgam, einer Natrium-Quecksilber-Legierung, in eine separate Zelle, den Zersetzer, überführt, um die Bildung des explosiven Chlorknallgases und des unerwünschten Natriummonooxochlorates Natriumhypochlorit in der Elektrolysezelle zu verhindern.

Bei einem Verfahren zur Goldgewinnung wird Quecksilber verwendet, um den feinen Goldstaub zu lösen, wodurch Goldamalgam entsteht siehe Amalgamation.

Da Quecksilber schon bei niedrigen Temperaturen flüssig wird, bildet es Legierungen , die besonders leicht schmelzen.

Dies ist der Hauptgrund für die hohe Umweltverschmutzung bei dieser Art der Goldgewinnung siehe dazu Umweltemissionen, weiter unten.

Alternativen zum Amalgamverfahren sollen gefördert werden. Früher wurde unter anderem im Harz auf diese Weise auch Silber gewonnen.

In der Umgebung hat man wissenschaftlich den Boden untersucht und dabei einen unnatürlich hohen Quecksilbergehalt festgestellt.

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Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Temperatur des kondensierten Quecksilbers. And was there not danger of allies and friends from all quarters arriving to their assistance?

It would be a result of very formidable danger and difficulty, besides the fact that the inhabitants of Judaea are infinite in numbers, and a nation of great stature and personal strength, and of great courage and spirit, and men who are willing to die in defence of their national customs and laws with unshrinking bravery, so that some of those who calumniate them say that their courage as indeed is perfectly true is beyond that of any barbarian nation, being the spirit of free and nobly born men.

With what eyes can we endure to look upon these things? Let them rather be torn out, and let our miserable lives and our afflicted existence be put an end to, before we behold such an evil as this, such an intolerable spectacle which it is impious to hear of or to conceive.

And the multitude was divided into six companies, one of old men, one of young men, one of boys; and again in their turn one band of aged matrons, one of women in the prime of life, and one of virgins; and when Petronius appeared at a distance all the ranks, as they had been appointed, fell to the ground, uttering a most doleful; howling and lamentation, mingled with supplications.

But when he commanded them to rise up, and to come nearer to him, they would for a long time hardly consent to rise, and scattering abundance of dust upon their heads, and shedding abundance of tears, they put both their hands behind them like captives who are fettered in this way, and thus they approached him.

Petronius, we are a peaceful nation, both by our natural disposition and by our determined intentions, and the education which has been industriously and carefully instilled into us has taught us this lesson from our very earliest infancy.

Did it do so that it might be the first or the only temple to be deprived of its customary modes of worship? We shall think that we are receiving them, not giving them up.

We only ask one thing instead of and to counterbalance all of them, namely, that no innovations may take place in respect of our temple, but that it may be kept such as we have received it from our fathers and our forefathers.

We hear that great forces of infantry and cavalry are being prepared by you against us, if we oppose the erection and dedication of this statue.

No one is so mad as, when he is a slave, to oppose his master. We willingly and readily submit ourselves to be put to death; let your troops slay us, let them sacrifice us, let them cut us to pieces unresisting and uncontending, let them treat us with every species of cruelty that conquerers can possibly practise, but what need is there of any army?

We ourselves, admirable priests for the purpose, will begin the sacrifice, bringing to the temple our wives and slaying our wives, bringing our brothers and sisters and becoming fratricides, bringing our sons and our daughters, that innocent and guiltless age, and becoming infanticides.

Those who endure tragic calamities must needs make use of tragic language. But this appears only to be a fiction and fable, the truth being that great, and unexpected, and wonderful events do often bring after them great disaster; for instance, the anger of a master causes death, or calamities equivalent to death.

Their limbs being all congealed, and their eyes becoming fixed so as not to be capable of motion, and their whole body losing all its natural motions in every one of its united parts and limbs!

The intentions of the great do not always continue the same, and those which are adopted in anger are the quickest to change. We have been grievously calumniated.

Suffer us to refute the false accusations which have been brought against us. It is hard to be condemned without being heard in our own defence.

Until, then, we have sent this embassy, do not cut off all the hopes of so many myriads of men, since our zeal and earnestness is displayed not in the cause of gain, but in that of religion; though indeed we speak foolishly in using such an expression as that, for what can be a more real and beneficial gain to them than holiness?

Nevertheless, though he was well acquainted with the disposition of the emperor, and how implacable and inexorable he was in his anger, he still had himself some sparks of the Jewish philosophy and piety, since he had long ago learnt something of it by reason of his eagerness for learning, and had studied it still more ever since he had come as governor of the countries in which there are vast numbers of Jews scattered over every city of Asia and Syria; or partly because he was so disposed in his mind from his spontaneous, and natural, and innate inclination for all things which are worthy of care and study.

Moreover, God himself appears often to suggest virtuous ideas to virtuous men, by which, while benefiting others, they will likewise be benefited themselves, which now was the case with Petronius.

What then was his resolution? If he reads these writings perhaps he will not only not be angry, but will be even pleased with our prudential caution, as having caused this delay not from any regard for the Jews, but for the sake of providing for the collection of the harvest.

And they, when they had arrived at their journey's end, delivered the letters; but the emperor, before he had finished reading them, became swollen with anger, and went on making marks at every page, in fury and indignation; and when he had come to the end of the letter, he clapped his hands together, saying, "Of a truth, Petronius, you seem but little to comprehend that you are the subject of the emperor; the uninterrupted series of governments to which you have been preferred have filled you with guile.

Up to the present time it seems to me that you have no notion of acknowledging that you know, even by hearsay, that Gaius is emperor, but you shall very speedily find it out by your own experience, for you are careful about the laws of the Jews, a nation which I hate above every other, and you are indifferent about the imperial commands of your sovereign.

You fear the multitude. Had you not with you then the military forces which all the eastern nations, and the chief of them all, the Parthians, fear?

Blame the necessity for collecting the crops, and for making adequate provision for my armies, for even if a complete scarcity were to oppress Judaea, still are there not vast regions on its borders of great fertility and productiveness, sufficient and able to supply all necessary food, and to make up for the deficiency of one district?

And why is there no one who anticipates my intentions? He who delays shall first find out that he is receiving the wages of his delay by suffering in his own person.

I will say no more, but I shall not forget the matter. But again, when he saw that he looked morosely at him, and that he kept his eyes continually fixed on him, and on no one else who was ever present, he began to be alarmed, and though he often thought of putting the question to him, he restrained himself, reflecting in this manner: I will relieve you from your perplexity.

And they being commanded to carry him home, bore him to his palace, where he lay for some time in a state of torpor without any one understanding what sudden misfortune had brought him into this state.

Am I with Gaius? Is my lord himself here? You have now had a sufficient tranquil sleep, but now turn and raise yourself, and rest upon your elbow, and recognise those who are about you; they are all your own people, those of your friends, and freedmen, and domestics, who honour you above all others, and who are honoured by you in return.

But a writing will show my request, which I now here offer to you as my earnest petition. And concerning these matters there is no need that I should give you information, since you have a heart-felt love of your own country, and a deeply-seated respect for your national customs.

And what belongs to themselves appears beautiful to every one, even if it is not so in reality; for they judge of these things not more by reason than by the feelings of affection.

And I have kings for my grandfathers and for my ancestors, the greater part of whom have been called high priests, looking upon their royal power as inferior to their office as priests; and thinking that the high priesthood is as much superior to the power of a king, as God is superior to man; for that the one is occupied in rendering service to God, and the other has only the care of governing them.

It, as I have already stated, is my native country, and the metropolis, not only of the one country of Judaea, but also of many, by reason of the colonies which it has sent out from time to time into the bordering districts of Egypt, Phoenicia, Syria in general, and especially that part of it which is called Coelo-Syria, and also with those more distant regions of Pamphylia, Cilicia, the greater part of Asia Minor as far as Bithynia, and the furthermost corners of Pontus.

And in the same manner into Europe, into Thessaly, and Boeotia, and Macedonia, and Aetolia, and Attica, and Argos, and Corinth and all the most fertile and wealthiest districts of Peloponnesus.

It was at Jerusalem, O emperor! And on this account that city deserves to meet with favour at your hands; for, as in families the eldest children receive the highest honours as their birthright, because they were the first to give the name of father and mother to their parents, so, in like manner, since this is first of all the cities in the east to salute you as emperor, it ought to receive greater benefit from you than any other; or if not greater, at all events as great as any other city.

O my lord and master, Gaius! Now, pictures and images are only imitations of those gods who are perceptible to the outward senses; but it was not considered by our ancestors to be consistent with the reverence due to God to make any image or representation of the invisible God.

And thy great grandmother On which account they have been careful not to sow an impious seed, fearing lest they should be compelled to reap its natural harvest, in a fruit bearing utter destruction.

Marcus Agrippa, your own grandfather on the mother's side, the moment that he arrived in Judaea, when Herod, my grandfather, was king of the country, thought fit to go up from the sea-coast to the metropolis, which was inland.

And he could talk of nothing else to his companions but the magnificence of the temple and every thing connected with it. At all events, during the three and twenty years that he was emperor, he preserved the form of worship in the temple as it had been handed down from the earliest times, without abrogating or altering the slightest particular of it.

Pilate was one of the emperor's lieutenants, having been appointed governor of Judaea. He, not more with the object of doing honour to Tiberius than with that of vexing the multitude, dedicated some gilt shields in the palace of Herod, in the holy city; which had no form nor any other forbidden thing represented on them except some necessary inscription, which mentioned these two facts, the name of the person who had placed them there, and the person in whose honour they were so placed there.

The honour of the emperor is not identical with dishonour to the ancient laws; let it not be to you a pretence for heaping insult on our nation.

Tiberius is not desirous that any of our laws or customs shall be destroyed. And if you yourself say that he is, show us either some command from him, or some letter, or something of the kind, that we, who have been sent to you as ambassadors, may cease to trouble you, and may address our supplications to your master.

And those who were in power in our nation, seeing this, and perceiving that he was inclined to change his mind as to what he had done, but that he was not willing to be thought to do so, wrote a most supplicatory letter to Tiberius.

But it is beside our purpose at present to relate to you how very angry he was, although he was not very liable to sudden anger; since the facts speak for themselves; for immediately, without putting any thing off till the next day, he wrote a letter, reproaching and reviling him in the most bitter manner for his act of unprecedented audacity and wickedness, and commanding him immediately to take down the shields and to convey them away from the metropolis of Judaea to Caesarea, on the sea which had been named Caesarea Augusta, after his grandfather, in order that they might be set up in the temple of Augustus.

And accordingly, they were set up in that edifice. And in this way he provided for two matters: But now the thing proposed to be erected is a colossal statue.

Moreover, then the erection was in the dwelling-house of the governor; but they say, that which is now contemplated is to be in the inmost part of the temple, in the very holy of holies itself, into which, once in the year, the high priest enters, on the day called the great fast, to offer incense, and on no other day, being then about in accordance with our national law also to offer up prayers for a fertile and ample supply of blessings, and for peace of all mankind.

I verily believe that they would rather slay all their whole families, with their wives and children, and themselves last of all, in the ruins of their houses and families, and Tiberius knew this well.

Do not you destroy those things in our councils which remain, and which have been preserved as permanent laws to this very day; for even if no mischief were to ensue from the abrogation of them, still, at all events, the result would be a feeling of uncertainty respecting the future, and such uncertainty is full of fear, even to the most sanguine and confident, if they are not despisers of divine things.

Die gesammelten Vokabeln werden unter "Vokabelliste" angezeigt. Beispiele, die Quecksilbermenge enthalten, ansehen 12 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Besuchen Sie uns auf: Darüber hinaus haben wir begonnen, diese Technologie auf weitere Sprachen anzuwenden, um entsprechende Datenbanken mit Beispielsätzen aufzubauen. Nachrichtenbringer masculine Maskulinum m. It's like Mercury on earth. Ich erinnere mich, als Glenn seine erste Erdumkreisung in der Mercury gemacht hat. Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the banning of exports and the safe storage of metallic mercury [second reading] - Approval of the European Parliament's amendments LA. Es ist ein Mercury Sable, sicher. ST REV 1 Lebhaftigkeit feminine Femininum f. Mercury is also present at very low levels throughout the biosphere. Wie kann ich Übersetzungen in den Vokabeltrainer übernehmen? Quecksilber [ dampf ] lampe f. Beispiele, die quecksilberhaltige enthalten, ansehen 37 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen.

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